Wisdom tooth removal tumut

While wisdom tooth pain can be intense for some patients, it is generally not considered a dental emergency. Typically, by the time patients need an emergency extraction of a wisdom tooth, it’s due to infection.
Wisdom tooth removal is an incredibly common procedure, and troubled wisdom teeth should be removed as soon as possible, before the problems get worse. If you are experiencing any wisdom tooth pain, it is important to see your dentist in Tumut as soon as possible to make sure your health is looked after.
Typically, wisdom teeth come in years after your adult teeth, and will often crowd and push against adult teeth. Wisdom teeth are not required, as they serve no purpose, and may even cause infections due to partial eruption when they cannot find adequate space. If your wisdom tooth extraction is too complicated, your dentist in Tumut will not hesitate to refer you to a trusted specialist. We work with specialists who share our philosophies and high expectations when it comes to patient care.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Tumut, we will be able to guide you and recommend you somewhere to receive emergency dental care.

As your dentist in Tumut, we care for patients of all ages. Dr Khumo Tlhalerwa had years of experience, offering age-appropriate dental care, including preventive services. The foundation of healthy smiles is preventive services, and we are excited to help educate you, and help you improve your oral health.

When patients decide to enhance their smiles, we want to make it as financially easy as possible. We are preferred providers for all major health funds, and have Medicare Bulk Billing available for CDBS eligible children. We also accept ZipPay and Denticare, giving you another reason to smile.

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