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Porcelain veneers conceal tooth flaws, leaving you with a celebrity-calibre smile.

Dramatically Improve Your Smile

When film stars smile on the big screen and models grin in print, often you are looking at porcelain veneers. For decades dental veneers were a celebrity secret, but no longer. We offer porcelain veneers in Tumut, and we love watching the smile transformations in our patients.

While we offer a variety of cosmetic dental options, dental veneers may provide one of the most dramatic smile makeovers around.

If you’re looking to change the smile you have into the smile you want, your dentist in Tumut, NSW is ready to help.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin but durable shells that your dentist in Tumut bonds to the front of your teeth—a single veneer or several depending on your needs and desires.

The Dental Veneers Process

Dr Khumo Tlhalerwa always makes sure that the cosmetic option you choose is a safe selection and that it will give you the anticipated results.

If dental veneers in Tumut, NSW are a good option for your smile aspirations, he schedules your veneer placement.

Dental veneers are considered a permanent restoration because Dr Tlhalerwa removes a negligible amount of natural tooth enamel to bond your veneers successfully.

Issues That Dental Veneers Conceal

If you have a worn tooth that is shorter than the others, a dental veneer provides height symmetry. If you have teeth that are slightly crooked and do not want to wait months or longer for orthodontic therapy, dental veneers hide the crooked teeth.

Additional aesthetic issues that veneers conceal include:

Your dentist in Tumut can help you decide how many dental veneers you may need to reach the desired results.

You can choose dental veneers on their own or as part of a smile makeover.

Taking Care of Dental Veneers

With proper care dental, veneers may last for decades. However, because veneers in Tumut, NSW are permanent restorations, if you damage a veneer, you should have it replaced.


The best way to enjoy longevity with porcelain veneers in Tumut is to exercise good habits. For example, brush your teeth daily and visit your dentist regularly for exams—just as you do now.

You should never use your veneers (or teeth) for anything other than smiling or chewing. Do not twist off caps, open bottles or carry heavy items with your teeth or your veneers.

If you grind and clench your teeth, ask your dentist about a nightguard to keep your smile intact, including any restorations.

For Veneers in Tumut, We Encourage Your Call

We can’t wait to help you realise your dream smile.

At Tumut Dental Clinic, we proudly serve patients in Tumut, Gundagai, Tumbarumba, Batlow, Wagga Wagga, Talbingo, Cootamundra and beyond.

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