Digital X-Rays Tumut

Digital x-rays provide clear images and a safer radiographic experience for you.

Digital X-Rays for Dental Diagnostics

We offer digital dental x-rays in Tumut, NSW because studies show that this technology emits far less radiation than x-rays used during previous decades. When a technology considers patient safety, Dr Khumo Tlhalerwa works to bring it to Tumut Dental Clinic. And when it comes to digital x-rays, radiation exposure is similar to taking a short walk outdoors.

In addition to safety, digital x-rays provide images that your dentist in Tumut can re-size and refocus to give more precise images. This helps with diagnostics and treatment planning.

Digital x-rays are also easier to store and call up for comparisons to past films.

This technology is better for the environment because we do not need chemicals to develop film or paper and a filing system to keep your x-rays safe.

In addition to digital x-rays, we also provide digital records. At Tumut Dental Clinic, we are all about safety and convenience. If you call our dental clinic, for example, and have a question about your previous exam and x-ray, that information is only a few keystrokes away.

Aside from modern digital x-rays, we also offer digital panoramic x-rays, which provide landscape images of your smile’s inner workings. This tool helps your dentist in Tumut plan specific procedures like dental implants.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays typically pick up small oral health issues before they become costly and tooth-threatening dental problems. Often, when a dental issue is caught early, it requires less invasive treatment and less time in the dental chair.

We also rely on digital x-rays in Tumut, NSW to monitor oral health changes, having the ability to compare new x-rays to past films easily.

Dentistry requires planning, and digital x-rays are an essential part of that planning. With x-rays, your dentist can see exactly where a dental issue occurs and treat accordingly.

Why Do You Need Digital X-Rays?

Regular dental exams are designed to maintain your smile for life. Periodic x-rays contribute to this oral health longevity.

Your dentist will periodically take x-rays during routine exams to make sure there are no underlying oral health issues.

Your dentist in Tumut will also take x-rays if you have an oral health concern—dental emergency, periodontal disease or root infection—especially if there are no current or relevant films on file.

If you decide to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry or dental implants, x-rays play a role in pre-planning.

When you have digital dental x-rays in Tumut, NSW, your dentist also takes the time to discuss any findings with you.

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