There are all sorts of misconceptions surrounding age limitations for getting Invisalign (also known as clear braces), clear aligners, traditional braces and pretty much every other form of Cosmetic Dentistry.

While it can seem hard to distinguish which advice is the best to follow, your safest bet is to disregard anything you hear that isn’t coming from a dentist. Here are the dentist-approved facts about when you should get Invisalign.

“Best Age” Disclaimer

The truth is, there is no one specific ‘best age’ that is applicable to all people for getting Invisalign or any other treatment. This is because everyone’s dental health situation is unique. To get an answer regarding your eligibility for a treatment, a professional Invisalign consultation with a dentist is always necessary.

In saying that, knowing the general age recommendations for treatments can be useful for determining your chances of being eligible for treatment before you can confirm it with a dentist.

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It’s Usually Not Ideal For Young Kids

While older children may be able to get invisalign or clear aligners, they need to meet certain developmental criteria.

Children may be able to get Invisalign if they:

So, this tends to rule out most primary school-aged children. A concern with children getting Invisalign is the discipline needed during the treatment process as it involves routinely wearing removable aligners over the teeth for long periods at a time. They need to be cleaned regularly and removed in certain circumstances like eating.

Invisalign and Clear Aligners Are Usually Fine For Teens

Some may think of Invisalign as a treatment only for adults only, however this is not true. In its early days, it was often marketed as an adult alternative to treatments like ceramic braces in Tumut, Australia and even worldwide. Over time, the treatment has been further developed and made accessible to teenagers and children who have grown all their adult teeth.

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Ideal For Teens and Adults

Generally speaking, teenagers (who have all their adult teeth) and adults are ideal candidates for Invisalign based on their developmental stage.

Other factors that are taken into account to determine a patient’s eligibility for Invisalign are their overall dental health, existing oral health conditions and the severity of their crooked teeth or dental misalignment.

Patients with dental implants, bridges or Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder may not be the best candidates for Invisalign, however dentists will determine this on a case by case basis.

Where To Get Invisalign In Tumut

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