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What are dental implants, and are they painful?

If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, you may have considered tooth replacement. In our dental clinic, we offer dental implants in Tumut, along with other tooth replacement choices to help you restore your smile aesthetics and oral health.

A dental implant is a sturdy titanium post that replaces your lost tooth root. This post is biocompatible, meaning it bonds easily with your jawbone. After the bonding is complete, Dr Khumo Tlhalerwa, your dentist in Tumut, tops your dental implant with a tooth crown, which acts as your replacement tooth.

For more substantial tooth loss, your dentist can implant four to six posts to support an arch of restoration teeth on a denture or bridge.

Throughout the implant process, Dr Tlhalerwa makes sure you’re at ease. This includes making sure the area he’s working in is thoroughly numb. Most patients compare the minor pressure associated with implant placement to far less invasive procedures.

You may notice a day or two of swelling and minor discomfort, but pain relievers purchased in shops is generally enough to see you through.

If you would like more information about dental implants in Tumut, NSW, we welcome your call for more information or to arrange a consultation.